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This website is where I will host and test scripts/programs that I have built, either for public or for personal use.

Some people may be wondering why I am building new programs, such as <imgGallery/>, when there are already hundreds, if not thousands, of other scripts that already exist that can do the same thing.

My response to those people is that the programs that I am writing are bespoke to me. That is they contain the features that I require in that piece of program and, likewise do not include the features that I do not require.

Also, by writing the programs myself, I am learning. I am learning more from writing programs that are to be used in the real world by real users, than by reading books.

All of the web developing skills, such as HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, I have learnt by reading books, but I have only honed my skill, and really learnt the language by writing my own programs.

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Throughout this page and site I use the words script and program inter-changable.

The programs that I write may use a scripting language, such as PHP, or JavaScript, which would make them scripts. But, this applies to PHP more than JavaScript, the scripts that I write include many pages and functions, and I see them as programs more than I see them as scripts

So, any scripts that I write using PHP, I will call programs
And any scripts that I write using JavaScript, I will call scripts

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