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			<p>This project is a work in progress!</p>
			<p>I have not yet published a working example, or uploaded a zip file of the complete script, as it is still in the beta 
			<p>If you would like to review the script you can email me at devl_AT_roganty_DOT_CO_DOT_UK_</p>
			<hr width="80%" />
			<p>The finished program will include an admin panel so that images can be uploaded and modified. The admin panel will also 
			include a "Plugins" option so that extra functionality can be added by the user</p>
			<p>The finished program will also include a method to "skin" the image gallery to fit the sites design</p>
			Copyright &copy; <link rel="ext" url="http://www.roganty.co.uk/">Anthony Rogers</link> 2018